The Only Mortgage Calculator for Non-Residents in Dubai

The Only Mortgage Calculator for Non-Residents in Dubai

The Only Mortgage Calculator for Non-Residents in Dubai

Dubai, the land of dreams, is a paradise for those looking for luxury and grandeur. With its mesmerizing skyline, world-class infrastructure, and attractive investment opportunities, Dubai has become a preferred destination for many non-residents seeking a piece of its real estate pie. However, for most non-residents, buying a property in Dubai can be an overwhelming task, especially when it comes to financing the purchase.

Are you a non-resident planning to buy a property in Dubai, but struggling to figure out the financials? You are not alone. Many non-residents face the same problem, and the solution lies in crunching the numbers. In comes the Dubai mortgage calculator.

At eMortgage, we’re committed to providing our clients with the best possible mortgage solutions. So, whether you’re a first-time buyer or a seasoned investor, eMortgage has got you covered. Our blog will take you through the process of using our mortgage calculator step by step, providing you with valuable insights into the mortgage market in Dubai. By

What is a Mortgage Calculator specific for Non-Residents?

A mortgage calculator for non-residents can help you understand the costs and eligibility requirements associated with obtaining a mortgage in Dubai.
A mortgage calculator is a useful tool that allows you to estimate your monthly payments based on the loan amount, interest rate, and loan term. By using a mortgage calculator for non-residents, you can input your specific financial information and receive an accurate estimate of your monthly payments.

It’s important to note that mortgage calculators are just an estimate, and your actual monthly payment may differ. However, using a mortgage calculator can give you an idea of the costs associated with taking out a mortgage in Dubai and help you make an informed decision.

How to Use the Mortgage Calculator for Non-Residents?

Using a mortgage calculator is a quick and easy way to determine how much you can afford to borrow and what your monthly payments will be.

Follow these simple steps to use a Dubai mortgage calculator:

  1. Enter the purchase price of the property you are interested in
  2. Input the percentage of the down payment you plan to make
  3. Indicate the interest rate of the mortgage you are considering
  4. Input the loan term in years
  5. Press the “calculate” button to receive your results

The mortgage calculator will show you the estimated monthly payments, including principal and interest. It will also show you the total cost of the mortgage over the entire term, including the total interest paid.

Keep in mind that this is only an estimate and does not include additional fees such as property taxes or insurance.

Benefits of Using a Mortgage Calculator for Non-Residents

Here are some benefits of using a mortgage calculator for non-residents:

  1. Helps you estimate monthly mortgage payments: Using a mortgage calculator can help you get an estimate of the monthly mortgage payments you need to make based on the loan amount, interest rate, and loan term.
  2. Helps you choose the right mortgage option: With the help of a mortgage calculator, you can compare different options available to you and choose the one that best suits your financial situation.
  3. Helps you plan your budget: A mortgage calculator can also help you plan your budget by giving you an idea of the total cost of the loan and the amount you need to set aside each month to pay off the mortgage.
  4. Saves you time: Instead of manually calculating your mortgage payments, a mortgage calculator can do the work for you, saving you time and effort.
  5. Helps you make informed decisions: By using a mortgage calculator, you can make informed decisions about your home-buying process and ensure that you are financially prepared for your investment.

Tips for Using a Dubai Mortgage Calculator for Non-Residents

  1. Enter the accurate property value and down payment amount to get a more precise estimate of your mortgage payment.
  2. Double-check the interest rate and loan term to ensure that you have entered the correct values.
  3. Use the calculator to determine the monthly payment for various loan amounts and interest rates to see how much you can afford.
  4. Experiment with different repayment periods to see how it affects your monthly payment and the overall cost of the mortgage.
  5. Be aware of the additional expenses that come with buying a property, such as insurance, property taxes, and maintenance costs, and include them in your calculations.
  6. Use the calculator to compare different mortgage options and lenders to choose the best one for your needs.
  7. Keep in mind that the mortgage calculator is just an estimate, and the actual mortgage payment may vary depending on several factors.
  8. If you are unsure about how to use the mortgage calculator, seek assistance from a qualified mortgage professional.


Using a mortgage calculator is an essential step in determining the affordability of a mortgage for non-residents in Dubai. With the help of a Dubai mortgage calculator, you can easily calculate your monthly mortgage payments, total interest payable, and other relevant information. This information will give you a clearer understanding of your financial obligations and help you make informed decisions.

We understand that navigating the mortgage process in Dubai as a non-resident can be challenging, which is why we are here to help. At eMortgage, we offer expert advice and assistance to non-residents looking to purchase property in Dubai. Our team of experienced mortgage consultants will guide you through the entire process, from pre-approval to closing. Happy home hunting!